Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The real origins Where did we come from? Humans asked this question for thousands of years. Throughout the course of history, most of them had no means to know. They made up answers, millions of answers, in the form of creation stories. There are millions of them, maybe even more. The only way they could survive was because parents and teachers indoctrinated children with them over generations, and the only way two different stories could verify which of them is true was through blood-soaking wars. And yet, there are worlds that are less lucky than ours. Worlds that never got rid of the childish beliefs. Worlds that already have science and research, but still fail to see beyond the shroud of lies that religion covered their faces with.


History of coal mining Ships have been used to haul coal since Roman times. Small-scale mining of surface deposits dates back thousands of years. For example, in Roman Britain , the Romans were exploiting most of the major coalfields by the late 2nd century AD. International trade expanded rapidly when coal-fed steam engines were built for the railways and steamships.

XD so I’ll start! X3 -Oga Tatsumi from Beelzebub-Hayate Ayasaki from Hayate the Combat Butler-Usui Takumi-Kaito from Vocaloid Anime Characters with the most beautiful names.. Well mine are: Allen Walker- -man (picture,also my icon XD) Lacie Baskerville- Pandora Hearts.

For the Sara Evans song, see Coalmine song. For the John J. Szaton statue, see Coal Miner statue. A painting depicting men leaving a UK colliery at the close of a shift. Surface coal mining in Wyoming in the United States. A coal mine in Bihar , India. A coal mine in Frameries , Belgium.

Galge Review: Love, Election & Chocolate

But Akame ga Kill! The show could really take its time and do things right with this battle because it so painstakingly took care of everything else on its sizable plate, along with killing off most of the cast. After that, Esdeath is not only an arm short, but also mortally wounded from throat to hip, and she concedes defeat. She is not upset; by her own lifelong code, she deserves to die for being the weaker one.

EPISODES Akame Ga Kill. Akame Ga Kill. Release Year: Tatsumi is supposed to accompany Mine on a special mission to town. But the day doesn’t go at all according to plan. In Paris of the near future, a dating app matches singles with their soul mates by mining their brain data. But decoding true love comes at a price.

Material properties of diamond Diamond is a solid form of pure carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal. Solid carbon comes in different forms known as allotropes depending on the type of chemical bond. The two most common allotropes of pure carbon are diamond and graphite. In graphite the bonds are sp2 orbital hybrids and the atoms form in planes with each bound to three nearest neighbors degrees apart. In diamond they are sp3 and the atoms form tetrahedra with each bound to four nearest neighbors.

Thus, graphite is much softer than diamond. However, the stronger bonds make graphite less flammable. Thermodynamics Theoretically predicted phase diagram of carbon The equilibrium pressure and temperature conditions for a transition between graphite and diamond is well established theoretically and experimentally. Rapid conversion of graphite to diamond requires pressures well above the equilibrium line: Crystallographic defects in diamond Diamond unit cell, showing the tetrahedral structure.

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Gustav was the local chief of police and had served in World War II as a Hauptfeldwebel after voluntarily joining the Nazi Party in , [8] though he was discharged in following a bout of malaria. He married Aurelia on October 20, ; he was 38 and she was According to Schwarzenegger, both of his parents were very strict: My father had wanted me to be a police officer like he was. My mother wanted me to go to trade school. His remarkable accomplishments allowed me a sense of what was possible when others around me didn’t always understand my dreams.

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But has she made the right choice? Eventually will be Dipcifica, but they’ll be taking it slow. Rated T for abuse and frightening situations Gravity Falls – Rated: Speedy won a bet, Raven’s parading around in a questionable get-up and Robin’s just Teen Titans – Rated: T – English – Humor – Chapters: Gravity Falls – Rated: A story of the uneven after, new friends, new family, and the promise of another summer. Gradual Dipcifica, Mystery Twins bonding, family ties, and the Power of Friendship — anthyding can hadplen!

Now with new summer scenes epilogues. Justice League – Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters: Ash is discouraged after another tournament loss, but he receives encouragement from an unlikely source. K – English – Chapters:

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My Pet Is a Holy Maiden – novelonlinefull. Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit NovelOnlineFull. Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen PC only. Drop by anytime you want to read free — fast — latest novel.

But outside of some comments by Tatsumi, I really don’t feel like we’ve seen him start to like Mine romantically. Heck, I feel like Akame ga KILL! has spent more time focusing on Wave and Kurome than Tatsumi and Mine.

Torturing Theon Greyjoy for pleasure to the point that he ends up forgetting his identity and going insane, renaming him “Reek” and making him his passive slave. Ordering the beheading of Ned Stark and torturing Sansa with this throughout the series. If it’s not by ordering that Tyrion her brother be arrested for Joffrey’s murder, it’s the unscrupulous pleasure she receives and makes no effort in hiding when Oberyn is killed and fails to win Tyrion’s freedom in the trial by combat.

If he crosses it, it’s by betraying Ned and helping the Lannisters maintain the Iron Throne which could qualify for almost anyone who refuses to cross the Lannisters when in the position to do so. He also caused Ned’s death, unbeknowest to everyone, and later he left Tyrion in the cell after poisoning Joffrey and pushed Lady Arryn out from the Moon Door after hinting that he never loved her, braking her life and mind. Mistreating his son Tyrion throughout his life, going so far as to rape his wife, Tysha, and lie to Tyrion that she was a whore.

Burned his brother ‘s face when he was a child. In one of the most famous moral event horizons ever, after losing men, food, and supplies in his siege on Winterfell, he burned his beloved daughter, Princess Shireen, at the steak to appease The Lord of Light and grant him victory TV series only. Initiating the Red Wedding, which results in the sacking of the Stark army. By extension, the pregnant Talisa’s brutal death and the murder of Robb Stark and his mother. Kills nearly every inhabitant of Hardholme village and resurrects them as undead, later kills the Three-Eyed Raven, and much later kills the Dragon Viserion , and resurrects him as an undead dragon.

The damage was so great that remnants of Air Nomads still rebuilding their civilazation by the era of Avatar Korra.


Hext9 A few months after Tatsumi and Mine decided to start dating, they get some shocking news: Mine is pregnant with Tatsumi’s child! Now, both will have to face together the difficulties of becoming parents amidst the ongoing revolution against the Empire. How will this change their relationship and Night Raid plans in the near future? I decided to write a Mine x Tatsumi fanfic because it’s one of my favorite canon pairings.

Dec 02,  · Episode 23, end the arc from wherever previous episode stopped. Show epilogue of religious organization arc. Time skip. Tatsumi and Mine start dating.

This way-too-damn-long article goes into Persona 3’s Social Links in detail. But hey, if you obsess about the Persona games as much as I do, then I’m here for you. Last year I went full-retard with the Persona series, beating Persona 4 twice and Persona 3 FES once in a three-month span, in addition to sinking some hard time into Persona 4 Arena.

Now it’s and I’m only slightly less Persona-crazy, having beaten Persona 3: Going for max Social Links this time, using a guide. But that’s a lot of Persona 3; if I finish that FES run in the next two months, then it’ll have been my fourth Persona 3 run in 24 months. So I’ll use this blog to put a bow on my Persona 3 obsession with another Meet the Cast post, this time about Persona 3’s Social Links. Now, while it’s true that I recently finished a run of Persona 3: Portable, I won’t be talking about those special Social Links here.

This article only covers the 22 Social Links in Persona 3: I might write a future article about Persona 3: Portable at some point, but that time isn’t now. I’m going to break down each Social Link in Persona 3 under two criteria:

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Shopping Guide Galge Review: He is in the food research club but all they do there is eat candy and slack off along with the teacher who handles it. When the student council elections are coming up, one of the candidates Shinonome Satsuki wants to shut down any clubs without any real purpose. To combat this, everyone in the club shoves Yuuki to run for president.

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Anyways, a simple fan fiction of the anime I loved and raged at the ending of the anime as the manga is still going on. Oh, link to pic is below. This was supposed to be a simple recon mission on Esdeath. With a white helmet and glowing yellow eyes, the warrior evades several arrows aimed at him. The knight dashes towards the archers, punching them in the face. He moves onto the next one, avoiding the incoming arrows and attacks from the regular military militia.

He needs to hurry and help Mein before something happens. He would not forgive himself if she was to be killed by Esdeath The pink hair gunner aims her long barrel gun at the blue hair girl. The pink hair girl slides against the powerful blasts from her gun, grinding her teeth against each other.

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NaluLove24 Thanks for the reviews! Mine one day realizes that she may have a crush on Tatsumi. After the two start dating they end up in a bit of a mess that will change their lives forever. Our love story chapter 1 remake This now takes place Right after Tatsumi joined night raid and going to be different from the original story but not entirely.

Synopsis: Tatsumi is a fighter who, accompanied by his two childhood friends, sets off to the Capital in search of a way to make money to assist his poverty-stricken village. After being separated from his friends, Tatsumi not only fails to enlist in the army, but is swindled out of all his money.

Here, it is okay to live the way you want to. She is a member of the Yato Tribe and the daughter of Umibouzu and the younger sister of Kamui , one of the main antagonists of the series. Contents Background Young Kagura During her childhood Kagura lived in the slums of a faraway planet with her father , mother and older brother. At one point, her older brother injured his right arm through unknown means but he hid it from his and Kagura’s mother but not Kagura.

Later on in her childhood her older brother Kamui attempted to kill their father Umibouzu , however he failed and only managed to cut off his father’s arm. This caused Umibouzu to go berserk and he nearly killed Kamui but was stopped by Kagura. Soon after that, Umibozu left the family. In fear that he might harm her unintentionally just like Kamui, Umibozu left to avoid destroying his family any further [1].

While at home, Kagura was left with taking care of her sick mother and she would wait for Umibouzu to come back from his alien hunting work. Kagura called her mother ‘Mummy’ and she remembered her as a beautiful woman.

Anime Characters with the most BEAUTIFUL name!

I thought I was hallucinating. Never in my life have I heard my brother so passionately call out my name. He has no need to call my name. I tried my best to open my eyes. I saw an overcast sky, the rebels gone, and my brother’s left hand outsretched towards me. Something overwhelming was released from his left hand.

Smoker the White Hunter is a Marine officer stationed at the G-5 base. He was first introduced as a captain in Loguetown, where he made it his mission to capture Luffy, and was later promoted to the rank of commodore, due to the events in Alabasta. At some point during the timeskip, he was.

Berkeley Red, White, and Bruised: Bloodied by combat, Japan’s disabled veterans were heroically cast as “heroes in white,” a term derived from the white hospital gowns that they habitually wore in public. But, after , these living casualties of war had to endure not only the trauma of battle and the unease of newly-acquired disabilities but also military occupation by the very-same foe that battered their bodies and shattered their lives. In what ways did total war and total defeat shape the Japanese disabled veteran of the Second World War?

Excessive Cult or Proper Ritual?: Challenges for the 21st Century William C. It argues that Chinese, European and American universities share many common objectives and common problems. It focuses on efforts to revitalize undergraduate education, and the often-contested role of the humanities as part of the “general education” of undergraduates at leading universities, seeking to educate individuals with the capacity for critical leadership, rather than students trained in skills that will become obsolete in their lifetimes.

Yoshida Shoin’s Encounter with Commodore Perry: By examining the text of the “original” letters kept at Yale and analyzing the dilemmas of both the addressor and the addressee, however, I have tried to rediscover its meaning in the context of Japanese dawning relations with the United States and other western nations.

Akame ga kill – Tatsumi and Mine red scene (English Dub)

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