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The inmates in Cell 13 just noticed that Jyugo doesn’t wear any shoes. They decided to ask Seitarou to get him a pair. It has a crappy title Originally posted on tumblr. See the end of the work for more notes. Jyugo enters the cell, limping on one leg, a mildly pained expression on his face. I just stepped on some sharp thing when I was sneaking around. You nearly kicked me in the face! It actually looked quite gross and staring at it longer made him cringe.


If a zombie apocolypse happens im robbing walmart lol June 7, at June 7, at O December 12, at 6:

Star Trek Discovery (DIS) Season 1. The Vulcan Hello / Battle at the Binary Stars Context is for Kings The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry Choose Your Pain Lethe Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum Into the Forest I Go Despite Yourself The Wolf Inside Vaulting Ambition What’s Past Is Prologue The War Without, The War Within Will You Take My Hand?

According to Tech Insider a source close to HBO “confirmed” to them that we’ll know the truth about Jon’s parents by the end of season six – which now only leaves tonight’s episode for that to happen. HBO There’s also Cersei’s trial and a whole other load of loose ends to tie up. But before we settle down for the final 60 minutes of another blood, guts and gore filled season, let’s have a recap of what’s happened so far.

The season picks up right after the last one ended, with fan favourite Jon on his back in the snow after his Nights Watch brothers stuck him with daggers. That’s where Ser Davos finds him – definitely dead – and carries him into Castle Black with the last few loyalists. At the end of last season Theon threw Ramsay’s torturer-pal Miranda off the battlements of Winterfell as he and Sansa made their daring escape.

Now we see Ramsay looking genuinely hurt at her death, as he says she was the only person who was never afraid of him. Ian Rheon is such an incredible actor that you almost forget everything Ramsay has done. It seems the writers wanted to cram as many different characters in to the opening episode as possible, so we’re treated to a wide array of situations – each more dire than the last. When he finally arrives with the body of their daughter, she understandably takes it pretty badly.

Finally Daenerys has been taken captive by the Dothraki hoard.

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Follow Good luck getting to sleep tonight. The White Walkers, characters who have been lurking coldly on the fringes of Game of Thrones ever since the first season like an ominous January cloud formation, were this week key players in a spine-chilling horror masterpiece. Daringly, they attempted to outdo the entire zombie thriller film movement in one epic minute TV sequence. And they might just have managed it. Cersei’s continued incarceration remained a source of delight.

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Comments Call of Duty: World at War are alive and well in this mobile game. Feb 12, World at War took everyone by surprise with its outstanding “Nazi Zombie” cooperative multiplayer mode. This mode has now made its way to mobile handsets, and despite some shortcomings, the iPhone version of World at War is an impressive game. Zombies brings frantic zombie-stomping to the iPhone. Unlike the usual squad-based gameplay seen in the Call of Duty series, the Nazi Zombies mode places you in a walled-in map filled with oncoming undead Nazis and requires you to stay alive for as long as possible.

While this starts off easy, hordes of zombies eventually start to rush you in large groups and you must use everything at your disposal, including an extravagant array of weapons, grenades, and barricades, to combat them. While blowing zombies apart is exciting, it’s the graphics in this port of Nazi Zombies that really make it impressive. It looks so good it could almost pass for a full-on console game, and even when tons of zombies are onscreen the frame rate rarely stutters.

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No spam, no fuss; just the latest updates delivered right to you. You’re Good to Go! Follow EA has announced it will be releasing a free update for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 called “Trouble in Zombopolis:

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Berserk is a Dark Fantasy series with Cosmic Horror Story undertones, but The Golden Age Arc — several volumes long flashback in the middle of the series — is a Low Fantasy that’s very close to Historical Fantasy , while still having some small elements of Dark Fantasy , with the main character having escaped from Heroic Fantasy. My Lovely Ghost Kana is a heartwarming, tear-jerking, Slice of Life Porn with Plot love story that puts the titular Magical Girlfriend ‘s suicide at the beginning, featuring characters who all have Dark And Troubled Pasts that are utterly ignored as the story deconstructs the angst right the hell out of them, while celebrating The Power of Love without a trace of narm.

And it’s better than it sounds. Pretty much every genre except for fantasy has been covered during the manga’s run. There’s been everything from romance to Body Horror to wrestling. The Spin-Off Magic Kaito which is canonically in the same world actually does have magic.

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Saturday 18 March Addressing a crowd assembled at the opening night of PaleyFest in Los Angeles, Gimple acknowledged the fact that the first episode of season eight will be the show’s th episode. It’s more about setting up the next While this is no confirmation of the show’s future, it’s almost impossible to think that AMC wouldn’t let it run for as long as producers wanted considering its status as one of the most-watched TV shows across the globe.

Gimple went on to tease what fans can expect in the approaching season seven finale which apparently won’t feature as brutal a cliffhanger as the one doled out at the end of season six. And the first episode of Season

The story trophies that include “(Solo Campaign Only)” can only be earned in Singleplayer and by the host in Co-Op games. Yes, these “Solo” trophies can in fact be earned in Co-Op, but only the person hosting the game will get them, the 2nd player does not get any story trophies in Co-Op.

Can’t hack it at your own level so you beat on the people you know you can beat. I remember she and i had the same pistol skin and only hit each other with pistols but not on purpose. Does the game prioritize one over the other? Does the party leader matter? Makes leveling up a disadvantage, its better when queuing is random.

ITs not always fun when youre versing sweatys every game. Halo feels like that oldersibling you dont see anymore, whos not doing well, on drugs, lost cause. While yes I understand now the smaller accounts have priority because reason but I mean really the youtubers they already spend enough time editing and filming no need to make them wait longer. Plz at least help a few of the main accounts hint hint nudge nudge the RUcliprs. I just do , so all the best for you from Chicago Illinois, I hope I’m welcomed here as a new viewer.


The Episode was released in two parts due to long duration Part 1 Edit The episode begins with Mike playing a game on Isolation against Commander Melander and from the start there are signs they are not doing well. Commander Melander proves lethal when in the Ghost, and when outnumbered when his team are k Matt finishes his story, suddenly, Stealth Sniper and his gang appear and start to say stuff about the story. Rachel says it’s a great Idea, he insults her and jokes for a sandwich.

Rachel turns that around, and whores him. Stealth, strongly insulted, leaves the game. Commander Melander soon joins, and calls Mike “Milky Milk” as a game is starting.

By common consent his BBC Half Hour was the pinnacle of early TV comedy. The best of the scripts provided Tony Hancock with a brilliant foil for his comic genius.

Episode 12 – School Days 1 decade ago Sekai disappears, and Makoto is wandering around aimlessly until he meets up with Kotonoha again, under the town’s Christmas tree. As they pass the night together and Sekai witnesses the two of them heading back to Makoto’s place. Just to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her, Sekai heads over to his place Episode 11 – Everybody’s Makoto 1 decade ago Christmas is coming around the corner, and although Makoto is dating Sekai, it seems as if he wants out of it.

So it appears as if he is haphazardly getting himself involved in other relationships, despite his promise to Setsuna. Now things are going terribly wrong, as Kotonoha loses herself, Sekai finds out about Makoto’s infidelity, Setsuna’s move to France and most importantly a sudden change to her body Episode 10 – Mind and Body 1 decade ago As the school festival comes to an end and Makoto and Sekai dance at the bonfire, it finally seems like they’re happy together and things have settled down.

However, Kotonoha watches from the shadows, and obstiantly denies what has happened still believing that their still going out. Meanwhile, as Setsuna prepares to move to France she is doing some final preparations to ensure that her best friend – Sekai – will be taken care of Episode 9 – After Evening Festival 1 decade ago Makoto makes a promise to Sekai to dance with her during the School Festival’s folkdance; however, he also made the same promise to Kotonoha. As Kotonoha mans the front desk at her class’ school festival activity, she ferverously texts Makoto and awaits for a single response back Episode 8 – School Festival 1 decade ago Makoto hasn’t told Kotonoha yet of his relationship with Sekai.

However, one night Kotonoha bumps into Sekai outside of Makoto’s apartment and an altercation goes down. And with that, begins the the school festival

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Destroy a cult water treatment pump and make them thirst for revenge Solo Campaign only. For the starting point and detailed walkthrough refer to this page: Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. They only take 2 minutes and give roughly half a level-up each time.

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Season 2 Episode 5 – Election Hoping to make a difference, Sadie decides to run for school President. When someone unexpectedly enters the race and uses some shady tactics against her, will Sadie resort to the same underhandedness to win the election? To avoid failing the class, Margaret pairs up with Rain after she mistakenly believes he is a great ballroom dancer. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to get closer with Vivian, Rain joins the class. Meanwhile, Walter brings out a fantasy role playing game in hopes of doing some bonding with Hal.

Meanwhile, Rain and Margaret compete against each other to win concert tickets by attempting to raise the most money for the school football team. A conflicted Margaret wonders whether she should reveal a secret that she is keeping from Sadie and the boy she likes. Meanwhile, Rain prepares to be the sports commentator for the event. Rain discovers that girls are drawn to him when he is around the baby doll.

Meanwhile, Margaret is given the responsibility of watching her energetic little stepsister for the whole day at school.

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