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An online trove of Biblical manuscripts Posted on October 25, by Sherry Byrne, Preservation Librarian at the University of Chicago Library The digitization of the Goodspeed Manuscript Collection An extraordinary collection of 68 New Testament and other Biblical manuscripts dating from the fourth to the twentieth centuries has been digitized and made available for study online. This fall, the University of Chicago Library celebrates the completion of a website goodspeed. This premier collection holds great artistic, historical, and textual significance for scholars. Aleppo, Syria Berea , The inspiration for the digitization project came from faculty working in a range of disciplines from religious studies to art history and classics. All had an interest in bringing digitized images of manuscripts into the classroom and onto the laptops of students and faculty. Completion of the digitization project was the result of a successful collaboration across Library units including the Digital Library Development Center, Special Collections Research Center, Preservation Department, and Cataloging Department. Specialists in the Library overcame numerous challenges over the course of the digitization process.


Conflict of Interest Policy Section: May 24, Purpose: Staff employees must disclose and avoid actual and perceived conflicts of interest or commitment between their University responsibilities and their external activities. Depending on the circumstances, employee participation in activities in which a conflict or perceived conflict of interest exists may be prohibited or may be permitted but affirmatively managed.

This dissertation applies network theory and statistical methods to study inscribed magical gemstones dating from the first to fifth centuries CE. All of the attributes on these gems (material, color, image, and inscription) are arranged in a network data structure and clusters of statistically significant correlations are identified. Then, more traditional art-historical and linguistic.

The ‘two rivers’ of the name referred to the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers and the land was known as ‘Al-Jazirah’ the island by the Arabs referencing what Egyptologist J. Breasted would later call the Fertile Crescent , where Mesopotamian civilization began. The Cradle of Civilization Unlike the more unified civilizations of Egypt or Greece , Mesopotamia was a collection of varied cultures whose only real bonds were their script , their gods, and their attitude toward women.

The social customs, laws, and even language of Akkad , for example, cannot be assumed to correspond to those of Babylon ; it does seem, however, that the rights of women, the importance of literacy, and the pantheon of the gods were indeed shared throughout the region though the gods had different names in various regions and periods. As a result of this, Mesopotamia should be more properly understood as a region that produced multiple empires and civilizations rather than any single civilization.

Advertisement the rise of the city as we recognize that entity today, and the invention of writing although writing is also known to have developed in Egypt, in the Indus Valley , in China , and to have taken form independently in Mesoamerica. Other important developments or inventions credited to the Mesopotamians include, but are by no means limited to, domestication of animals, agriculture, common tools, sophisticated weaponry and warfare , the chariot , wine, beer , demarcation of time into hours, minutes, and seconds, religious rites, the sail sailboats , and irrigation.

Archaeological excavations starting in the s CE have revealed human settlements dating to 10, BCE in Mesopotamia that indicate that the fertile conditions of the land between two rivers allowed an ancient hunter-gatherer people to settle in the land, domesticate animals, and turn their attention to agriculture. Trade soon followed, and with prosperity came urbanization and the birth of the city.

An online trove of Biblical manuscripts

Wacker, 1st floor Orange and Blue Room. Two college tours are included. Lunches and bus cards included. Note- preference is to partner schools, in this area King and Dunbar. Centers- ours is in the 4th CPS Region.

The University urges anyone who has experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking to seek support as soon as possible to minimize and treat physical and psychological harm, assist with processing the unique and complex emotional aftermath, help preserve evidence and understand options for pressing charges.

Ancient Greece[ edit ] The evidence about female homosexuality in the ancient Greek world is limited, it being hardly mentioned in extant Greek literature. At least among these Athenian men, the discussion and depiction of female homosexual activity seems to have been taboo. Two poets from the archaic period, Sappho and Alcman , have been interpreted as writing about female homosexual desire.

Alcman wrote hymns known as partheneia, [note 1] which discuss attraction between young women. Though it is ambiguous, historians have considered the attraction in question to be erotic or sexual. For instance, in Sappho’s Ode to Aphrodite , the poet asks Aphrodite for aid in wooing another woman. An early example of this is a plate from archaic Thera, which appears to show two women courting. Her sexuality has been debated by historians, with some such as Denys Page arguing that she was attracted to women, while others, such as Eva Stigers, arguing that the descriptions of love between women in Sappho’s writings are not evidence for her own sexuality.

For instance, she argues, in the girls’ choirs that performed the partheneia of Alcman, homosexual relationships between the girls would have “flourished”. When Iphis’ mother becomes pregnant, her husband declares that he will kill the child if it is a girl. She bears a girl and attempts to conceal her sex by giving her a name that is of ambiguous gender:

A Computational Approach to the Study of Magical Gems

The Section of General Internal Medicine GIM encompasses a highly talented, very collegial and committed faculty who are recognized nationally in the areas of medical education, ethics, clinical care and research in healthcare disparities and outcomes. The Section continues to be recognized for its significant teaching efforts and leadership in the Pritzker School of Medicine as well as its strong community partnerships and outreach programs. Recent accomplishments include studying the impact of the Affordable Care Act ACA , resulting in increased demand for primary care for many more medically complex patients.

Many GIM faculty play key leadership roles in medical education at The University of Chicago serving as directors for the internal residency program, medical student courses and fellowship programs.

There is an overwhelming tendency toward assortative matching on income and education on the marriage market. However, for women, greater income and education are often correlated with older age at first marriage, and therefore lower fertility.

HUM have entered into a value-based agreement designed to offer a coordinated, patient-centered experience to help Humana Medicare Advantage members achieve their best health. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Humana has an extensive and growing value-based care presence. As of June 30, , Humana has approximately two million individual Medicare Advantage members and approximately , Group members who are cared for by more than 52, primary care physicians in more than 1, value-based relationships across 43 states and Puerto Rico.

For more information, visit humana.

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March June 20 at the Crerar Library This multi-venue exhibition curated by two physicians at the University of Chicago explores the history of anatomical representation and the evolving relationship between the arts and medical science. The exhibition is free and open to the public. It features both imaginative depictions of the human figure made by artists as well as scientific images of the body, and traces the interplay of artistic and medical imaging throughout history.

These images reflected scientific conventions but were also weighted with aesthetic, social, political, and religious meaning. With the advent of the x-ray at the turn of the twentieth century, the disciplines diverged.

Imaging/Imagining: The Body as Data March June 20 at the Crerar Library This multi-venue exhibition curated by two physicians at the University of Chicago explores the history of anatomical representation and the evolving relationship between the arts and medical science.

Listen to this article , narrated by James Lloyd Babylon is the most famous city from ancient Mesopotamia whose ruins lie in modern-day Iraq 59 miles 94 kilometres southwest of Baghdad. The city owes its fame or infamy to the many references the Bible makes to it; all of which are unfavourable. Babylon also appears prominently in the biblical books of Daniel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, among others, and, most notably, The Book of Revelation.

It was these biblical references which sparked interest in Mesopotamian archaeology and the expedition by the German archaeologist Robert Koldewey who first excavated the ruins of Babylon in CE. Outside of the sinful reputation given it by the Bible, the city is known for its impressive walls and buildings, its reputation as a great seat of learning and culture, the formation of a code of law which pre-dates the Mosaic Law, and for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which were man-made terraces of flora and fauna, watered by machinery, which were cited by Herodotus as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

At that time, Babylon seems to have been a minor city or perhaps a large port town on the Euphrates River at the point where it runs closest to the river Tigris. The ruins which were excavated by Koldewey, and are visible today, date only to well over one thousand years after the city was founded.

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A formal affinity with the Narmer palette can be seen in the organization of the spatial elements and the visual narrative in bands or tiers. In the upper row, a pair of vases of the same form as the Warka Vase is depicted. Evidence suggests that the Warka Vase was itself one of a pair. Although of a fragmentary or inconclusive nature, the evidence for a pairing or duplication of the Warka Vase goes along with the many repetition of visual elements, forms and motifs in the vase: These repetitions point out to a symbolic and formal strategy of continuous multiplication or reproduction.

Dating violence ” means the use or You may contact Ms. Collier by emailing [email protected], by calling , or by writing to Bridget Collier, Office of the Provost, The University of Chicago, S. Ellis Ave., Room , Chicago, IL

Exotic Goods and Foreign Luxuries: The Ancient Roman Marketplace Bronze wine mixing bucket with goose-shaped handles from a thermopolium fast food eatery in Pompeii Roman 1st century AD. It was perhaps the extra sweetness that the compound gave to the syrup that drew the attention of the Romans. According to one source, the discovery of lead II acetate as a sweetener was an accident. As they were trying to make their products sweeter, Roman winemakers were experimenting with various ingredients and preparation techniques.

At some point of time, they tried boiling the leftover unfermented grape juice in lead kettles. When the entrepreneurial winemakers noticed that this procedure produced the sweetest syrup, they decided to begin making this substance in large amounts. Bacchus Dionysus , Vatican Museums.

Savoring the Danger: ‘Sugar of Lead’ Was Used to Flavor Roman Food and Wine with Toxic Consequences

Den siste kjent vestalinnen var Coelia Concordia, som gikk av i etter at keiseren stengte Vestalkollegiet. Vestalium Maxima var den aller viktigste av Romas yppersteprestinner. Som likeverdige kandidater ble Pollios datter valgt ettersom Agrippa hadde nylig blitt skilt.

That being said, there are some express exceptions to the principle of confidentiality, including the participants’ right to share the results of disciplinary proceedings alleging domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Rockefeller , [31] and including land donated by Marshall Field. Other early benefactors included businessmen Charles L. Hutchinson trustee, treasurer and donor of Hutchinson Commons , Martin A. Ryerson president of the board of trustees and donor of the Ryerson Physical Laboratory Adolphus Clay Bartlett and Leon Mandel, who funded the construction of the gymnasium and assembly hall, and George C.

Walker of the Walker Museum , a relative of Cobb who encouraged his inaugural donation for facilities. After a fire, it closed in


Garden Temple The following course handout is a brief introduction to the view posited by archaeologist Ernest L. Martin, and though popularized in large part by him, did not originate with him. His charts are used simply because he has charts and most other proponents do not.

Overview Deborah Burnet, MD Chief, Section of General Internal Medicine University of Chicago Department of Medicine Section Chief’s Welcome As a former University of Chicago trainee in General Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, I am delighted and honored to lead our Section, building upon our tradition of strength and growing in new and exciting directions.

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Archaeology and National Identity in Israel by Nadia Abu El-Haj n , Amos Elon, an Israeli journalist, first wrote of “the extraordinary appeal of archaeology as a popular pastime and science in Israel. The first generation of Israeli archaeologists dug in search of Israelites, an “ethnic group” that presumably entered Palestine in the transition from the late Bronze Age to the early Iron Age.

The primary question of archaeological importance after the founding of the state and, in particular, to be answered by the major work and excavations of the s concerned the character of the ancient Israelite conquest of the land of Canaan.

Catherine Kearns. Title: Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics and the College “Dating the end of the Late Bronze Age with radiocarbon: some observations, [email protected] C. Kearns CV. Upcoming Events. Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop; Thu.

His Life and Work: A Historical and Critical Study This bibliography was itself the result of a great deal of work by Lukes himself, depending upon earlier bibliographies like those contained in Harry Alpert’s Emile Durkheim and His Sociology and the bibliography prepared by Armand Cuvillier for the Durkheim centenary issue of the Revista mexicana de sociologia These were updated with the assistance of W. As in the Peregrine edition, I have adopted the Lukes enumeration scheme, extending it to refer to specific English translations as well as to edited volumes in which these translations are contained.

Translations As Lukes has warned us, the quality of the translations of Durkheim’s works varies enormously from the very poor to the excellent. Since the first edition of Lukes’ book, the number of translations by different hands has increased greatly and this has meant that at least certain poor translations such as b and b have been superseded by those of better quality. Following Lukes, only where translations of complete items have been made have they been allocated a dating-enumeration.

The listing of English translations has been extended by W. Bulletin d’information, 2, , pp. Future Developments These bibliographical references have all been stored electronically, using a bibliographic database management tool called EndNote Plus. This software makes it possible to search and retrieve bibliographic citations using keywords, boolean searches, etc. Eventually these capabilities will be available here, through your web browser.

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