The War Against Pyrex

The War Against Pyrex

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Vintage casserole results

Pyrex – modern icon No matter where you live you’ve probably got a little piece of Sunderland in your home. The city produced Pyrex, a revolutionary type of glass that became a “must-have” in kitchens throughout the world. You’ve probably got some hiding in a cupboard right now. We asked actress Wendy Craig, who is something of a Pyrex fan, to investigate. History in the making J.

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Pyrex and Jadeite and Hoosiers – Oh My! Hello all and many apologies for being slightly MIA as of late. As a college student my semester is beginning to come to a close bringing with it many fun finals and term projects. Trust me when I say I would much prefer thrifting and blogging to this alternative In fact right now I am stuck on campus, coffee in hand waiting for my next class – a perfect opportunity to play catch up.

The upside to this arrangement is the amazingly quick upload of photos. The two plates were found for less than a dollar each. One is a Pyrex dinnerware one with a neat-o gray with green style design. The other is this snazzy McKee jadeite saucer.

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The War Against Pyrex February 16, Chances are, somewhere in your kitchen, you have a version of the measuring cup pictured above — if not multiples. For decades, Pyrex was made of borosilicate glass, a special type of glass in which boron oxide is added to the mix. The added boron allows Pyrex to handle heat much better than typical glass, so Pyrex is commonly found in kitchens, laboratories, and in use with aquarium heaters as the heaters are, necessarily, submerged in much cooler water.

World Kitchen decided to stop the manufacture of borosilicate glass, and since then, Pyrex sold in the United States is made of tempered soda-lime glass, which does not handle heat as well as borosilicate glass does. It may, however, be more resilient to drops. In most cases that does not matter much, as tempered soda-lime glass is still pretty good at withstanding thermal shocks.

Pyrex Love is a resource for collectors of vintage pyrex and other glassware. This site is in no way affiliated with Corning Incorporated or World Kitchen, LLC.

Recently, more items are being seen at shows and malls, creating a new area of collector interest. Not only are many pieces attractive, the line is one of practicality in the kitchen. Flameware was a different type of glass composition from the regular Pyrex. The blue tint was designed to distinguish it from clear Pyrex items.

The earlier pieces went into production around Flameware was produced at two locations in Corning at different time intervals, with the bulk of production at Main Plant “B. The color of the early Flameware was considerably darker than the Anchor Hocking blue,with the Anchor Hocking line probably having more collectors.

Part of the difference in popularity may be due to the decorations in the molds of Sapphire Blue.

Pyrex Glass

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Pyrex Flameware Kitchenware Replacements by Corning Ware

These were small, handy pieces that came in pure white, Cornflower Blue, Spice Of Life, and the Wildflower pattern that had been introduced in Corning began focusing heavily on new Corning Ware patterns in and retired the Blue Cornflower pattern completely in The older Avocado and Harvest Gold colors had been painted onto white pieces, but these new beige pieces were beige all the way through.

Corning had begun developing a transparent glass ceramic cookware in and accomplished that goal in But fearing that such cookware would substantially undercut the American market for Pyrex and Corning Ware, the project was left to languish and ultimately reassigned to a facility in Avon, France, where it was eagerly received. The French did considerably more stovetop cooking than Americans, and their stoves were hotter, putting the existing Pyrex cookware at risk for breaking.

Verde Pyrex Ware, image from catalogue. Verde Pyrex Ware, image from catalogue. Pyrex Ovenware & Flameware Use & Care Dating Pyrex / PYREX WOULD BE AMAZING TO COLLET! EVEN WHEN I WAS SMALL AND WOULD HELP WITH DISHES, I’D ALWAYS TURN OVER THE BOWL AND THERE’D BE THE FAMOUS “PYREX STAMP!”.

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She received it NIB and it came with a round rattan trivet! Pyrex designer Daisy 1 qt covered round casserole with Rattan Trivet. The side of the box reads: A beautiful and practical gift. A sparkling accent for any table.

pyrex ware: two ways to look at a bride: woman’s day: 06/ comstock canning corp. comstock pie-sliced apples.

Zodiac about the pattern reference This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. For further clarifications check for Pyrex on Ebay. You can now view various subsets of the listed pyrex patterns. There are links with bullet points near the top of the page to facilitate this.

We will be adding more of this functionality as time permits. You can click through into the sub-pages of each pattern for more information IF a sub-page exists for it.

Pyrex Flameware Coffee Pot 6-9 Cup Complete Vintage 7759

An eBay search for Fire King Glass will produce thousands of results for this popular glassware. Fire King dinnerware, bakeware, and other dishware was often given as a premium in bags of flour or given away at gas stations. It could be purchased at grocery stores, dime stores and hardware stores.

Vintage Pyrex Snowflake 8 dia open casserole serving dish bowl Christmas Xmas Vintage Retro Figgjo Flint Flameware Lidded #vintage retro figgjo. These classified ads show how some people chose to deal with the struggle of dating and relationship issues. Read more. A .

March 7, Among our grandfather’s possessions, we found a share stock certificate and other items from the Columbian World’s Fair. Who buys such memorabilia and will pay a decent price? Write Russell Riberto, W. Enclose a photocopy of any stocks or other papertiques or a description of any other items you may have from the World’s Fair, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for a quick cash offer.

Or phone Russell at for an immediate reply. Where can I find information on old Pyrex glass and bakeware? I’ve been picking up old Pyrex containers and bowls at garage and estate sales, and I’m therefore interested in obtaining reference material or any other information on such glassware and its value. Such pieces including clear ovenware, Flameware, colored kitchenware and many unique items can be found pictured in color along with their descriptions, history, trademarks, and a price guide, in “Pyrex By Corning — A Collector’s Guide,” by Susan Tobier Rogove and Marcia Buan Steinhauer Antique Publications; Box , Chicago, IL My friend has developed a good size collection of hammered aluminum pieces and would like to know if there are any books or price guides on hammered aluminum?

It pictures more than pieces in color, along with their descriptions and current values.

Brewing coffee with Pyrex percolator

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